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Leader's Message

CV Tomy

Welcome to the School of Natural Sciences (SNS) at Shiv Nadar University. In a short span of time since the inception, SNS has established itself as an integral part of the University for imparting quality undergraduate education in basic sciences (Chemistry, Life Sciences, and Physics) and Mathematics as well as a vibrant research programme. The school is supported by internationally respected faculty members carrying out high quality fundamental/applied scientific research through grants received from various funding agencies. The school offers a flexible undergraduate curriculum with many opportunities for multi-disciplinary studies and research projects which certainly enhances the educational experience during the stay at SNU. Students can pursue their passion for science in an academic atmosphere in SNU where the dissemination of knowledge is imparted through smaller undergraduate-centric classrooms. The research capability developed through our programmes widens the career opportunities and prepares the student to venture out into the real world. If you have chosen SNS at SNU, you have reached the right place to have a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. Be a part of this proud legacy and take this opportunity to bring in innovative and unique perspectives to all of the school’s activities.