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The School of Natural Sciences (SNS) is an integral part of the University’s vision to build the institution of global standards. The School aims to provide an international ambiance in a local setting with innovative and engaging teaching methods, globally bench-marked curricula, world-class faculty, and key partnerships in research. The Undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral programs have been designed following Shiv Nadar University, Delhi-NCR’s philosophy of interdisciplinary and research-led learning.  A Bachelor of Science (Research) student, apart from taking major courses at the School is expected to take a broad-broad range of courses from Natural Sciences; Engineering; Humanities & Social Sciences; and Management & Entrepreneurship to fulfill the credit requirements of the undergraduate program at the University. These courses fall into the following categories: University-Wide Electives (UWE), Core Common Curriculum (CCC), Research, Experiential and Applied Learning (REAL), Value, Ethics, leadership and Services (VELS).

The School has an active style of education where the students ‘learn by doing’, and develop the essential employability skill of creative problem-solving. The School offers specializations in tune with the needs of industry or research.

“We teach Mathematics as an activity, as part of society. Undergraduates do projects from the very beginning.”

- Dr. Amber Habib, Head, Department of Mathematics

The School of Natural Sciences (SNS) has four major Departments: Chemistry, Life sciences, Mathematics, and Physics. It also houses Center for Informatics and the Center for Environmental Sciences. With state-of-the-art laboratories and computational facilities, the School offers B.Sc. (Research) programs in Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics; Masters’ in Mathematics and Data Analytics; Post Graduate Diploma in Business and Data Analytics; Doctoral Programs in Physics, Life Sciences and Bioinformatics.